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April 2020

Resuming Business Operations:
Is Your Website Ready to Perform?


Now that Gov. Newsom has announced California could be just weeks away from modifying stay-at-home orders, it is time to develop key action steps to move your business forward and re-establish itself in the marketplace.

Digital (online) marketing has become more important than ever during the COVID-19 crisis -- with business owners working from home, web traffic has generally been much higher than normal. This trend will likely continue as businesses transition back to normalcy over the coming months. So, what should your firm do to revamp your website?

Bring Your Website into the 2020s

1. Evaluate it: If you suspect that your website is outdated, it probably is! Updating it may have been on the back-burner but now is a great time to act. You likely have some free time on your hands, at least with time saved from commuting to work.

An effective website is more important than ever in today's environment. And it makes sense to be fully prepared to maximize your firm's marketing impact when "the economic doors open" again.

2. Interview website developers: Selecting a website developer is a critical step — and it can be difficult figuring out who is qualified to help you. There are many website development companies but few are able to do it effectively for professional services firms. Why?

The most common complaint professional services firms have about website developers is that most don't understand professional services, so they require hand-holding to make sure they get the website done right; and quite often it isn't. These developers are no more than order-takers who must be told exactly what to do at every step. If you've been through this drama, you know how much time you've wasted and you'll never want to do it again.

3. Obtain favorable payment terms: At Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting, we realize that many firms are watching overhead due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so we are now offering a new "six month payment plan" for new website development projects.

  • Our program allows you to get your website up and running (often within 30 days), while paying for it over 180 days. Contact us for details.

Questions? We are here to support you and keep your firm running. Feel free to contact Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting to help your firm.

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