Advertising Campaign Management

Is your firm planning for advertising costs in 2020? Advertising can be one of the most expensive marketing techniques, so it is important to not just have effectively-written ads but also a sound strategy and an effectively-executed campaign.

Crucially, Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting helps you with all key aspects of your advertising campaign — advertising strategy, placement negotiations, concept development, branding and positioning, copywriting and ad design. What does all of this mean to your firm?

If you’ve spent part of your precious budget on an ad agency in the past, you might have been disappointed with the results. Were the ads “pretty” from a graphics standpoint but lacked substance in the content? Did you have to educate the agency on your services and clients’ needs? Instead, Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting brings a business perspective to the process of developing advertising programs — we are not interested in designing dazzling advertisements and other marketing materials that fail to bring results.

How Do We Help You?
Some key aspects of our advertising campaign management services:

  • Strategy: The objective of “strategic advertising” is to maximize your resources in adver­tising commitments, both in hard dollars and personnel hours. By adopting a stan­dard, or “benchmark,” you can quickly review numerous advertising proposals and choose only those which meet your goals.
  • Publication/channel selection: There are thousands of options in advertising, including online (banners, search engine marketing, social media, etc.), print publications, along with podcasts, radio and TV. If you listen to ad executives, each sounds fabulous! We help to sort through these “advertising channels” and select those that meet your goals.
  • Placement negotiations: Our experience in working with publications is an important element in negotiating rates, frequency and placement.
  • Branding and positioning: We define a client’s unique attributes, assess their target markets, and develop branding and positioning strategies. These are critical to the long-term success of your ad campaign.
  • Concept development: When it comes to advertising, “concept” is often something that is neglected — but it is a key element. Based on our strategy, branding and positioning consulting, we develop ad concepts to communicate your firm’s selling points, address key benefits, and help buyers/prospects to relate and feel a connection to your firm.
  • Copywriting:We research and write materials specifically tailored for either firm-wide or practice area marketing.
  • Ad design: Our decades of experience serving professional services firms, their services and clients’ needs is exactly what you need to create an advertisement that is graphically compelling to your audience.
  • Metrics and campaign analysis: Depending on the advertising channel, we can help to implement different techniques to measure the results of your campaign (e.g., organic search traffic, referral traffic, direct inquiries, proposal opportunities, and new clients obtained).

Brochures & Marketing Materials

Our clients realize the benefits of marketing materials designed and implemented by experts in professional services marketing.  Services include:

  • Brochures (digital and print)
  • Pitch books
  • Sales materials
  • Logos and stationery
  • Display and print ads (magazines, directories, newspapers, etc.)
  • Online advertising (display, directories, banner, Google, etc.)
  • Radio and TV ads
  • Social media ad campaigns
  • E-newsletters
  • E-Blasts
  • Announcements
  • Website posts
  • Blogs

We research and write copy for marketing materials specifically tailored for either firm-wide marketing or practice area marketing. We have written content for dozens of practice areas and numerous client industries and targeted markets.

Graphic Design
We design a wide range of marketing materials for different uses. We add tremendous value, gained through developing thousands of pieces, in preparing designs based on your firm’s culture, desired image and targeted market. Whether you want a highly creative or conservative advertisement, we have the capabilities to serve you.

We have developed marketing materials for firms of all sizes, focusing on cost-effective campaigns on limited budgets.


We help develop content, design your e-newsletter and distribute it.

Regular Communcation

Get your name out!

Brochures & Sales Materials

Copywriting & Graphic Design

Influence Your Market

We take care of the details and make the process easy for you!

Online Advertising

Search engines, banner ads, on-line directories or other techniques

Maximize Your Investment

We help you to meet your objectives – and watch your costs in the process

Print Ad Campaigns

Strategy, Design, Placement

Maximize Your Investment

Decades of experience in ad campaigns!

Why Choose Us

  • Professional Services Marketing Experts: We understand how to market professionals, from the smallest to the largest firms, as few others do!
  • Full-Range of Services: We’re your one-stop-shop for Professional Services marketing!
  • Business Strategy: Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting offers an unmatched ability to blend strategy with the selection of marketing tools.
  • BD Focus: Our business development expertise is critical to our success!  We don’t just create “pretty designs” – we help generate new business for you!
  • Marketing Professionals: Our professionals are true marketing experts, not simply designers or communication majors.
  • Detail-Oriented: We make your life easier by taking care of all the details!
  • Superior Service: Our service is outstanding – great turnaround, courteous staff, excellent results.

What Clients Say

Thank you very much for making the trade show materials happen. Everything looks great! We could not have done this without you. You can even use that as a testimonial.
Partner, CPA Firm
We appreciate your quick (and we mean really quick) response on our newsletter last week. It was smart of you to have the text ready so that we could efficiently edit and send. I have had good responses (well really thank you comments) from a number of people.
Managing Partner, CPA Firm
Your advertising campaign has already paid dividends. I just got a new client call from someone who saw the ad. Not bad for one week of one advertisement, huh? Awesome job.
Partner, CPA Firm